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Korey McMahon began his career as a professional snowboarder where he was ranked the #2 snowboarder by USASA before building and selling his company, McMahon Marketing. McMahon Marketing specialized in inbound marketing and was one of the top marketing agencies in Oklahoma that was also recognized globally for its work.

Korey McMahon is the also the founder of The Living The Dream Project where he’s on a mission to invite and inspire 1 million people to live their dream life. His Living The Dream formula depicts actionable steps to live your best life. He is an author who regularly contributes articles to, a real estate investor and an international speaker on marketing, sales and culture. Korey is currently the Vice President of Sales and Culture for WEOKIE Federal Credit Union where he is serving their 55,000 members.

Korey enjoys spending time with his wife, Autumn and chasing their two children. Korey has also been named a NEXT Under 40 Professional, OKC BIZ Forty Under 40, Achievers Under 40 and ActionCOACH ActionMAN of the Year. Korey can be found speaking at various conferences, events and contributing articles to


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