it all starts with a dream

what have you always wanted?

You know that one Dream you constantly think about? The one that keeps you up at night because it won't leave your head? Maybe you attempted starting your own business once and it didn't work out. Maybe you're too afraid to attempt to acquire a new client because of the effort it takes, so you never try at all. I've been there, 

Dreams can take many forms and range from simple to mind-bendingly complex. They can be professional, personal or anything at all. The one thing that all Dreams have in common is that they're just that; Dreams. It's not until we focus in on those Dreams and turn them into achievable goals that they have the ability to become our reality.

I took my humble Dreams and turned them into a life more fruitful and fulfilling than I ever imagined possible. After a little elbow grease (and a lot of goal setting), I can confidently say that I'm Living The Dream. 

What is living the dream

live a life you feel proud of

When you work hard and turn a Dream into your reality, especially a Dream you've had for a long time, you experience a sense of accomplishment and an overwhelming feeling of self-respect. Your Dream is personal to who you are as a human being and the life events you've had, so everyone's experience is unique. 

For me, Living The Dream means having the ability to do what I want, where I want, when I want and with whoever I want. My Dream is freedom, so I took this Dream and turned it into a set of realistic and achievable goals. After a lot of goal-setting and hard work, I gained the freedom to run a business that challenges and excites me, spend time with my beautiful family and  travel to amazing places in the pursuit of helping people like you Live The Dream.  

why bother


Nobody's perfect isn't just a clich√©- it's a fact. We've all had that itching before. We have our Dream in mind and know that it is somewhat attainable, but something stops us from trying. Whether it's fear, feasibility or finances, we always have an excuse not to do something. 

We've been given intelligence, resources and support systems, yet we rarely go for our Dreams due to apprehension. We're only granted one life to live, and going your entire life without striving to reach your Dreams is like running a marathon and stopping right before the finish line. We owe it to ourselves to spend these years wisely and accomplish all we're capable of. Would you rather work hard now or have regrets later? 

So if for no reason other than this, Live The Dream now so one day you won't have to look back and think, "What if?"

We already discussed some of the benefits of Living The Dream: accomplishing huge goals in all sectors of your life, becoming an example to those around you and feeling incredible in your work. So what's holding you back? Yeah, that's what we thought.

Welcome to Living The Dream.   

get me there

let's get down to business

At the end of the day Living The Dream comes down to one task: setting goals. The idea may seem simplistic, but explicitly setting goals and making them a priority in your life is crucial to Living The Dream success. Merely having a Dream or a goal doesn't mean much. Turning your Dream into a reality requires organization, hard work and motivation.

The  Living The Dream methodology offers you every resource and tool you need to reach your Dream. Our tried and true system includes podcasts, workbooks, toolkits, videos and more to keep you on track and motivated.

Whether he is speaking in front of thousands at a conference or interviewing industry-leaders in his podcasts, Korey McMahon has an incredible knack to turn daydreamers into goal achievers. His numerous accomplishments and consistent self-improvement makes him the perfect poster boy for his own system. By weaving his own experiences and knowledge into Living The Dream, McMahon has created a platform that is both inspiring and realistic,

Before anything else today, do yourself a favor. Take out a piece of paper and write down a longtime goal of yours.

Congratulations, you are now one step closer to Living The Dream.